Introduction: Kids Desk Lamp Out of Desk Packaging.

The idea is to make a desk lamp out of the cardboard box that came with the purchase of a kids flat pack desk.

Step 1: Gathering the Pieces.

  1. Take the light fitting and cord out of the box.
  2. Remove all the pieces of the giraffe from the desk's box.

Step 2: Letting Your Kids Color Their Lamp.

Give the white pieces of the giraffe to your kids, and let them color it as they please.

Step 3: Assembeling the Lamp.

Once they're finished coloring you can assemble the lamp.

  1. Begin by bending all the support pieces.
  2. Then glue the supports to the giraffe's body and legs. Making sure to match the number and arrows on the giraffe to the numbers and arrows on the supports.
  3. Once everything is dry lay the electrical cord trough the notches.
  4. Ready for use!