Introduction: Kids Game: the Very Hungry Caterpillar

About: Hello, my name is Auroris. Every day we have the opportunity to learn new things, to rethink tired processes, and to improve the way we work.

I was inspired to create this felt game by the 50th anniversary of "The very hungry caterpillar", a children's picture book designed, illustrated, and written by Eric Carle. It's a preschool game of counting, colors and also promote healthy eating :)

I hope you will find this tutorial easy to do by yourself. Have fun playing and learning together!


  • Felt sheets
  • Embroidery threads
  • Needle
  • Scissors
  • Pencil
  • Polyester Filling
  • Velcro Tape 1cm
  • Ribbon 50cm/20"
  • Templates

Step 1: Print the Templates on A4 Paper and Cut Out the Shapes

Step 2: Orange

  • Trace the shape of orange onto felt, 2 pieces. Cut them out.
  • First, stitch up to pieces together with a Blanket Stitch on the outside.
  • Stuff it with a little polyester filling to give volume.
  • Sew the inner side with the same blanket stitch.

You can look up the HAND SEWING CLASS, and find "Sewing the Blanket Stitch" lesson

Step 3: Apple

It's almost the same method:

Cut 2 apple shapes from red felt, a green leaf and a brown tail. Insert the leaf and tail between layers and sew around with a simple stitch. Stuff and sew the inner side.

Step 4: Lemon

Mirror the template when you are tracing the fruit shape (if it is not symmetrical). Place the sides with pencil marks face to face, and you will obtain a more clean result.

Step 5: Beet

Don't forget to insert the leaves between layers before starting to sew.

Step 6: Carrot

I sew with a simple stitch or blanket stitch, it's just to make a little of variations. You can choose how do you like.

Step 7: Bell Pepper

Step 8: Eggplant

Step 9: Pear

Step 10: Tomato

Step 11: Plum

Step 12: Strawberry

Step 13: Caterpillar

Cut 3 or 4 shapes (use caterpillar template). Insert the ribbon between layers to make a long tail and pin it. Sew all layers together using a blanket stitch.

Step 14: Butterfly

    • From colored felt cut out all butterfly's detail
    • First, decorate the top part (the pink butterfly)
    • Make a slit in the bottom part (1cm/0.5" - is the width of my ribbon)
    • Insert the ribbon and fasten to the top layer
    • Sew two layers together in the middle
    • Decorate the edges individually with a blanket stitch

    Step 15: Toy Bag

    • Take grey felt sheet with sizes: 30x40cm / 12"x14"
    • Fold in half and sew the left and right sides together
    • Decorate the top edges individually with the same stitch.
    • Sew the velcro tape to the pouch

    That way, you can keep your toy organized and handy to carry with you.

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