Introduction: Kids Isometric Upskilling

My kid has joined a some mathematics class. In the first day brought a worksheet which has a kind of shape-shifting project where he has to find a identical pair of the image which is isometric and rotated in some way. Now that is a tricky thing to teach a 7 year old. He is totally not getting the concept in 3D. This made me revisit an old project that I made in 2013 for him.

Hopefully he will get the concept. So let's begin.

Step 1: Breaking Down the Design

Looking at the cue card I figured that we have to make the kit in parts. So in inspection found out that I need many sets of 3x1x1 cuboids o make this project, 9 to be exact. So started drawing the thing on a card stock paper which I cut out trimmed the corners, cut the flaps and folded to make the units. 1 shape needs 3 such blocks.

Step 2: Gluing

Folding the flaps and stared gluing to make the cuboids. Dimensions are 3x1x1. Not mentioning the exact size. use your judgement as per the thickness of the paper and the size you want.

Step 3: Assembling

Now we start sticking the units to each other as per the shapes. These units will be very easy to make the final shapes. Now my kid has the shapes to visualize the images provided in the 2D in 3D. I can't believe that the work that he was struggling for 2 days, he just completed in 15 mins and done with confidence.

Satisfied DAD!

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