Introduction: Kids Lunch! Spaghetti and Hot Dogs!

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My 3 kids had a complete BLAST making this!
Hot Dog Spaghetti!

Basically kid friendly spaghetti and meatballs!

Step 1: Skewer the Dogs!

Using hard spaghetti pasta...we used angel hair...
Skewer them right through hot dog slices!

The more the merrier!
They end up looking like weird hot dog kabobs!

Step 2: Boil, Boil, Toil and Trouble!

Boil the pasta kabobs in hot water.

Takes as long as just cooking pasta!  Follow package instructions!

(ours took about 7 minutes)

Step 3: Enjoy!

The kiddos loved eating their "wormy hot dogs"...
We topped it off with some spaghetti sauce!

(disclaimer...I didn't taste it, but I am sure it tastes like pasta and hot dogs)


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