Introduction: Kids Picnic Table

What to do with leftover wood from a deck? Make something to put on it! The table is big enough to seat six kids and treated deck boards are perfect for an outside table.

Tools used:

Miter saw

Electric Drill




Exterior 2" screws (since I had them) - shorter would be better so you don't have to angle to prevent coming out of the second of the two boards screwed together.

Deck boards (1"x5.4"x16')

Total time: ~2 hours depending on how good your math skills are :)

Step 1: Figure Out Dimensions!

Mine was sized based on the amount of wood I had left and I spent a bit of time measuring the children to make sure the seats were in the right spot.

Table top length (4 pieces): 60"

Seats (2): 60"

Seat supports (2): 38" long

Legs (4 cut at 30 degrees): 30", angled at both ends.

Seat height: 9" from top of seat to tabletop, 2 1/2" offset outwards. 16 1/2" from ground.

Table top height: 27" from ground.

Some rough sketches and its time to cut!

Step 2: Cut/Assemble the Tabletop

For the top cut four equal length boards and a pair of cross members to connect them. I used the same angle (30 degrees) for these as I planned on using for the legs. I used a few spare pieces of wood as spacers between the boards. Keep in mind that similar to a deck, the treated wood dries out and the gaps will get slightly bigger.

To screw the cross members, I made a simple jig (pictured) to drill the pilot holes for the screws. **Caution: Ensure you go in at the appropriate angle for the length of screw and width of wood you're using so you don't go through the nice tabletop!**

Step 3: Bracing

Based on the size and using an even number of boards, it didn't make sense to me to put an off center piece from end to end or to put it over the center gap, so I cut a couple angles to add some stability since the legs will be mounted. I cut four 45 degree angles to screw in here. Again be wary of the length of screws to ensure you don't come through the tabletop.

Step 4: Attach the Legs

Find a tiny helper. Cut four equal length legs at the desired angle (I did 30 degrees). Use clamps liberally to make sure they stay where you want them. I drove 4 screws into each one in a diamond pattern. Once the legs are on flip it over!

Step 5: Add a Place to Sit

Cut two seats the same length as the tabletop and two cross beams to support the seat. Clamp the cross bars, screw in, place the seat, and screw them on. It helps to have a little one take it for a trial run before you get it all together so you can make sure the seat height and the distance between the seat and the top (vertically and horizontally) are a good fit.

Enjoy! Any questions/comments/suggestions, please let me know, thanks!

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