Introduction: Kids Rain-stick

The COVID-19 is here, and this is a great opportunity to do something nice and entertaining with our kids.

My younger daughter and I built this rain-stick in about half an hour from scratch.

She was amazed and her bigger sisters were jealous about her success.

The cast is negligible.

לגרסה מקוצרת בעברית של מקל הגשם אפשר להכנס לקישור הבא -

Step 1: Materials and Tools

The material list -

  • Cardboard roll - the thicker the better
  • Pins or thin nails that their length is not longer then the diameter of the roll
  • Rice - a few spoons
  • 2 wide plastic bottle plugs
  • Bristol or Card-stock for the cover

Tools list -

  • Hammer
  • Glue (I used Hot-glue and Adhesive tape)

Step 2: Nailing

Let's start -
  • Make marks around the roll with pencil in a spiral. It's suppose to look like spiral stairs.
  • Push the pins into the marks you made with your hand or hammer (preferably).
  • After you nailed it all, cover the roll with bristol or cardstock

Step 3: Closing and Measuring Rice Amount

Now it's time to close things -

  • Glue one plug to one side of the roll
  • Add rice and check with the other plug (without gluing!) if you like the sound. you can compare it to the sound of my daughter Rain-stick.
  • Add more rice and check again. find the right amount of rice for your favorite Rain sound.
  • Glue the other plug

Step 4: Enjoy the Music


You made it!

Enjoy the music.