Introduction: Kids Rope and Knot Toy Wall Art Driftwood Board

Because of the kids being happy when having a rope and being able to make multiple knots in it or weaving it, I made this wall board for them. It was really easy to build and costed close to nothing. Now the kids have fun with it. Everytime when passing it they do some new weaving. And it helps them learning how to tie the shoestrings!


Tools and materials needed:
- different kinds of rope, string, shoestring
- nice piece of drift wood or other board
- drill bits for wood
- drill
- lighter
- scissors
- wood glue, hot glue or wax
- two screws, plastic anchors when needed

Step 1: Preparing the Board

We found a nice piece of driftwood and drilled some holes in it - on the sides of the board two for the screws to fix it at the wall and the others for every rope piece. The diameter of the holes should be a little bigger than the rope you want to put inside is. Because driftwood is very soft, you may also be able to make the holes with a hand drill.

Step 2: Preparing the Ropes

Cut pieces of about 50 cm (20 inches) off the ropes you want to use for this project. It'll probably be more interesting and a bit more challenging for the children if the rope pieces are of different thickness.

Melt the loose fibres or threads at the rope's end with the flame of the lighter. You can use a candle as well. With wet fingers I pressed the molten plastic together and rolled it a little bit between my fingertips. Now it became thinner than the rest of the rope - good for pushing it through the holes in the board.

Step 3: Putting It Together

Some of the ropes may consist of natural fibres such as cotton, wool, hemp or linnen. In this case melting the fibres doesn't work. Just put a drop of glue, wax or wood glue on the end of the ropes, twist and roll it between your finger tips and let it dry before continuing here or using the board.

Push the ropes through the holes in the board and make a simple knot behind it. Take care of the possibility of the board being able to be put to the wall! Depending on the shape of the board you maybe have to add some extra wooden blocks close to the screws to keep the board away from the wall.

Step 4: Fix It - and Play!

Now it's time to put it to the wall! Screw it in a good place where the kids can reach it and see it quite often so it won't loose its attractivity too fast.

Please, post a picture of your board here if you built your own. And, have fun!

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