Kids Size Basketball Hoop

Introduction: Kids Size Basketball Hoop

About: I work as a maintenance tech. for North Dakota State University. I like to do fun little project ts around the house with my kids.

My kids wanted to play basketball, but didn't want to use a standard kids set. They wanted to use a full size basketball, so I came up with this stand that could have a full size hoop and be short enough for my kids.

Step 1: Materials Needed

One 4x4 post, one 2x4, 2x3 size sheet of plywood( for the back board ) 3 inch screws and washers. One basketball hoop and net.

Step 2: Cut the Wood

Cut 4x4 about 6 feet tall. Cut the 2x4 into 2 foot lengths. Cut a back board to a 2x3 size or whatever feels right, I had a leftover chunk that was already cut and painted.

Step 3: Assembly

Screw the 2x4's into the 4x4 in a spiral formation. Screw back board onto 4x4, check with your kids first so it's not mounted too high.
Mount hoop using screws and washers.

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