Introduction: Kids Summer Crafts House Project: Made With Juice Box

About: I am housewife and I have a lovely daughter. I love to spend my time with making crafts. I am Hobbyist.I love hummingbirds.

Hi, guys today I am going to make another summer crafts for kids using the juice box.

I hope kids will like it. Let's get started.

Warnings: I used hot glue, but for kids, I would say please take adult help while you are working with hot glue and while using a sharp knife.


1) 10x10 canvas

2) Acrylic paint

3) Oil Pastel

4) Markers or sharpie

5) Construction paper

6) Empty juice box

7) Popsicles sticks

8) Air dry clay

9) Glue

Step 1: ​Making Crafts:

First, cut the juice box in half and clean it. Then cover the juice box using white paper.I am keeping that straw as house chimney And then color the house. Draw the door and windows and roof tiles. Then fill the canvas background using acrylic color. And attached the house to the canvas using glue. Now using oil pastel fill the construction paper and cut it for using as trees. And using markers draw the tree branch. Then make the fence using popsicles sticks. Draw some flowers on the front yard. Make a trail using construction paper. Then I made tiny stone using air dry clay, which I used on both sides of the trail. We are done.