Introduction: Kids Video Arcade


  • Teach kids self-control
  • Limit screen time
  • Parents control the video content, avoid kids clicking RANDOM videos from YouTube suggested videos
  • A fun reward system at home, kids do something to recevie coins, for example, clean up toys and books, potty training, etc.

How it works:

  1. Insert a coin
  2. A list of videos shows up on the screen
  3. Kids pick a video
  4. The video plays in full screen (click is disabled during video playback)
  5. When the video reaches to the end, the screen is redirected to a blank page (click and back are disabled)
  6. Waiting for another coin


Step 1: Solution 1: Raspberry Pi

Wiring diagram is attached.



  • Full screen YouTube playback is choppy

Step 2: Solution 2: Arduino + a Real PC (Ubuntu)

Wiring diagram is attached.


Step 3: Build the Coin Acceptor in a Tool Box

Please see the photos

Photo 1: All parts

Photo 2: Disassemble front panel

Photo 3: Tool box bought from Home Depot:

Photo 4: Cut the hole for coin acceptor

Photo 5: Assemble coin acceptor through the hole

Photo 6: Install coin acceptor on the tool box

Photo 7: Cut a hole at the back for cables

Photo 8: Put everything together

Step 4: Software and Program

Please get the code from github: