Introduction: Kids Project: Mister Sprout

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This is a really great and educational little project to do with kids. It's very easy and safe to do and they can see the results of their 'hard work' day by day. And it takes only 4 to 5 days before they can eat their homegrown sprouts.

It's a great thing to do on childrens parties too. The kids will have a great time and something great to take home.

So it's a great way for them to discover something about plants and it's healthy too!

Step 1: What Do You Need?

You need very little for this project:
  • Eggs
  • Some papertowel or cotton wool
  • Cress seeds
  • A black markerpen
When you work with kids, it migth be a good idea to boil the egg(s) in advance, so they have time to cool down. Also make sure to have some spare ones.

Step 2: Put the Kids to Work

  1. Let them gently crack open the top end of the egg and eat them or spoon them empty. Make sure that everything inside is gone or they will start to smell after a few days. Giving them a quick wash before continuing might be a good idea.
  2. When all the eggs are empty, let them draw a nice or funny face on the egg.
  3. Then let then fill the eggshell with paper towel or cotton wool. They should be filled about 3/4.
  4. Give the kids some cress seeds and let them put those on top of the paper or cotton wool. Make sure that they are somewhat evenly spread.
  5. When all is done, they can water the seeds. Finally they should put Mister Sprout in a sunny spot to let his 'hair' grow.

Step 3: Also Nice to Do: Mister Grass

Instead of Mister Sprout, you can do Mister Grass. He is not eadible but the fun thing is that his hair can be cut in different styles and will grow back. Making him is entirely the same as Mister Sprout. The only difference is that you use grass-seeds instead of cress.
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