Kids Winter Boot Zipper Repair




Introduction: Kids Winter Boot Zipper Repair

My stepson's winter boots had a broken zipper. So until I go shopping for new boots I decided to fix these for the time being.

Step 1: The Zipper Had Pullen Completely Apart and Couldn't Be Fixed. It Was a Cheap, Small Plastic Zipper That Has No Place on a Kids Winter Boot Because of How Rough an 8 Year Old Boy Can Be. So I Decided to Make Holes and Use Laces to Tie the Boot Up!

Step 2: Tools and Supplies Needed

2 shoe laces
A cordless drill ( any drill would work)
A 1/4" drill bit
Piece of scrap wood
A boot with a broken zipper

Step 3: Drilling Holes

I drilled 3 holes on each side with my drill. I held a piece of scrap wood on the back side where I was drilling so I had something hard to press against. Make sure you hold the material around the drill bit as it might try and twist while drilling. Drill slowly and be careful.

Step 4: Holes Drilled

After drilling all 6 holes (more if your boot is taller) it's time to lace them up!

Step 5: One Boot Finished

After lacing the boot I made a small knot near the top lace hole. I did this to stop the lace from being pulled out of the new lace holes. We know how kids are. I also cut the laces to length so there wasn't excess lace after being tied up.

Step 6: 2nd Boot

Only 1 boot had a broken zipper but decided I should put laces in both so they would look the same. Just repeat the steps for the 2nd boot.

Step 7: All Done

Such a simple repair. Took all of 15 minutes and my stepson will have warm feet for school tomorrow. They look pretty good too if I say so myself!

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    7 years ago

    Well thanks everyone!
    maybe I will enter that contest. my wife would love that sewing machine! I'd be happy with the tshirt :)


    7 years ago on Introduction

    I was never a fan of this style of zipper boots either. The just don't hold up as well as their laced counterparts. So this is an excellent idea for when that zipper inevitably breaks. Nice work!


    Reply 7 years ago

    totally agree with you as you just can't beat the traditional lace ?


    7 years ago

    A great recycling adaptive idea which works