Introduction: Kids Winter Boot Zipper Repair

My stepson's winter boots had a broken zipper. So until I go shopping for new boots I decided to fix these for the time being.

Step 1: The Zipper Had Pullen Completely Apart and Couldn't Be Fixed. It Was a Cheap, Small Plastic Zipper That Has No Place on a Kids Winter Boot Because of How Rough an 8 Year Old Boy Can Be. So I Decided to Make Holes and Use Laces to Tie the Boot Up!

Step 2: Tools and Supplies Needed

2 shoe laces
A cordless drill ( any drill would work)
A 1/4" drill bit
Piece of scrap wood
A boot with a broken zipper

Step 3: Drilling Holes

I drilled 3 holes on each side with my drill. I held a piece of scrap wood on the back side where I was drilling so I had something hard to press against. Make sure you hold the material around the drill bit as it might try and twist while drilling. Drill slowly and be careful.

Step 4: Holes Drilled

After drilling all 6 holes (more if your boot is taller) it's time to lace them up!

Step 5: One Boot Finished

After lacing the boot I made a small knot near the top lace hole. I did this to stop the lace from being pulled out of the new lace holes. We know how kids are. I also cut the laces to length so there wasn't excess lace after being tied up.

Step 6: 2nd Boot

Only 1 boot had a broken zipper but decided I should put laces in both so they would look the same. Just repeat the steps for the 2nd boot.

Step 7: All Done

Such a simple repair. Took all of 15 minutes and my stepson will have warm feet for school tomorrow. They look pretty good too if I say so myself!