Introduction: Kierans Corner: Build a Leather Yu-Gi-Oh Card Deck Holder in Under 2 Hours

In this project I am going to show how to build a card holder in under 2 hours with help from my little brother and my dad.

Step 1: I Need a Card Holder for My Yu-Gi-Oh Deck!

I do not have a deck holder, I need to build one.

I found this book and we should make this.

It is simple to make, lets do this!

Step 2: Draw Out Your Plan

First get paper and pencil and draw out your pattern, make sure you have an eraser because mistakes happen. Make sure you use a pencil that has an eraser, we had to use two pencils because the first one was sharpened with no eraser and so we used a second pencil that was missing its lead but had a good eraser on it.

Next cut out your pattern

Next fold your pattern to see if it works, this may take a few tries to get it right.

Step 3: Workshop Time, Make Sure You Have Supervision!

Go to your workshop

Find some leather

Put the pattern on the leather

Trace your pattern

Cut it out

Punch holes for sewing

I used a used a groove cutter to help with the bends.

Step 4: Putting Your Project Together

Sew your leather with a blunt needle so you dont stick yourself.

Decide how you want to close your deck holder, I chose to use a box clasp

Be careful not to hit your fingers when you hammer rivets, and we are done!

Total build time with my brother helping took forever, a whole 2 hours!

Stay tuned for more of Kierans Corner and my brother site Torins Tutorials

Step 5: Because Clone Trooper Armor!

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