Introduction: Kierans Corner: Sew a Leather Patch, or Put a Thing on Another Thing!

In this tutorial I am going to show to how to put a badge on a Yu-Gi-Oh deck.

This tutorial can also be used for adding a badge on anything leather.

Step 1: Punch Holes

Punch holes, if you do not already have them.

Get help if the leather is too tough to punch through.

You can use an ice pick or a nail if you do not have a punch.

Line up the holes for sewing.

Make sure an adult is helping you.

Step 2: Edging

Before you start sewing, check the edges of your leather.

If you do not like the rough edge then you can dye it.

I used black edge dressing with a brush.

I also did not like my deck cover edges and decided that I wanted them edged too.

Step 3: Sewing Leather

Using a blunt needle and thread I started sewing from the back side forward so the knot would be on the back side when I was done. I used a square knot to tie the beginning and end together.

Step 4: Finished

My Yu-Gi-Oh deck is now labeled with BATMAN! If my deck does not defeat my friends then my deck cover will!

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Step 5: Because, BATMAN!

Upcoming builds will include making durable armor out of leather and brass instead of store bought foam and fabric.

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