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Introduction: Kimchi Shin Ramyun

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This Instructables show how to make my favour instant noodle, Kimchi Shin Ramyun.

This method I leant from an Korea Comedy many years ago, so I think it is well know in Korea.

Step 1: Preparation

Shin Ramyun

This is a very famous Korea spicy favour noodle produced by Nongshim. At this moment, it still my most favoured instant noodle.


Any Kimchi should be ok but I suggest buy large volume package, e.g. 1 kg. This is very important, let me talk more about it before make noodle.

Other Foods

Any foods you can find in your refrigerator, e.g. fish ball, meat ball, sausage...etc.

Step 2: Something About Kimchi

I suggest buying Kimchi in large volume package because I found Kimchi is not in the best taste when you just open a new package. After you eat half of it, the taste is much better. I think it is because the Kimchi is still fermenting in the refrigerator. So I always buy large volume package.


Step 3: Boil Water

Pour 550 ml water into a pot, put vegetable flakes and other food into the water and boil.

Step 4: Slice Kimchi

At the mean time, take out some Kimchi on the chopping board and slice it.

Step 5: Simmer Noodle

After water boil, put noodle and soup base into the boil water and count down 4 minutes. Remember stir all ingredients well when the noodle became soft.

Step 6: Add Kimchi

At last minute, put Kimchi on the noodle. Leave Kimchi on the noodle, no need to stir it.

Step 7: Enjoy!

It's the time to enjoy this hot spicy Kimchi Shin Ramyun!

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    i love that Nongshin ramen and i love Kimchi, never had them at the same time so it's time to make the Kimchi!