Introduction: Kimono Cardigan

I like these kimono style cardigans but often they are quite expensive. This is a cheap option, it is fun to make and recycles unused scarves.

Choose your design and length to suit the style and finish that you want.

Step 1: Materials

- Scarf (180 cm x 53 cm)

- Fabric Scissors

- Tape Measure

- Pins

- Sewing Machine

Step 2: Cutting Out the Back and Front Pieces

Fold the scarf in half

Measure 60 cm from the open end

This will allow you to use the neatened edges as the bottom of the cardigan

Cut at 60 cm - Back

You can use chalk to draw a line, to guide your cutting

Take one half and fold it in half

Cut along the fold - Front x 2

Step 3: ​Making the Sleeves

Take remeining piece from the full scarf and fold it so that the hemmed edges are together

Cut along the folded edge

Step 4: Neck Opening

Fold the back in half and mark 11cm from the centre fold on both sides

Step 5: Neck Opening

Take the two front pieces and put them on top of each other

Measure 11 cm from the hemmed edge and mark with a pin

Measure 30 cm down on of the long sides (along the hemmed edge) and mark with a pin

Using chalk draw a line between the two pins

Cut the fabric along the line

Step 6: Hemming the Front

Take the two front pieces and hem the diagonal line

To hem fold the edge over twice (approx 0.5cm)

Pin it in place and sew

If you have one you can use a hemming foot to do this

Step 7: Sewing the Front Pieces to the Back

Place the two front pieces onto the back piece right sides facing

Pin across the shoulders

Sew 1 cm from the edge

Zig zag finish the edges

Step 8: Hemming the Neck

To hem the back neck fold the edge over twice

Pin it in place and sew

If you have one you can use a hemming foot to do this

Step 9: Sewing the Sleeves on

Using 1 sleeve piece, fold in half length ways, find the middle put a pin on the fold on the unfinished edge

Open the body piece out flat, place the sleeve on top (right sides together) with the centre fold (pin) meeting the shoulder seam.

Pin in place

Sew and zig zag neaten.

Repeat with second sleeve.

Step 10: Sewing It All Together

Fold the front over the back along the shoulder seam, making sure that the sleeves and body are even.

Pin, as shown in the picture

Sew along the pinned edges

Zig zag to neaten

Step 11: Turn Inside Out

Turn the cardigan inside out

Step 12: Finished Product

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