Kinda 3d Printed Table

Introduction: Kinda 3d Printed Table

I just moved in a new apartment where the kitchen is weirdly designed. It really miss a thin but long and high table to fit behind the "centered sink".

I could not find what i wanted, so i decided to make one. I didn't have access to much tools but a fem 3d printers. It was decided, let's try to make a table with those tools.

Step 1: Tripod Style Feet, and Material

I wanted to try a tripod style feet, so i bought and need :

- squared thin feet and 2*2*100 eucalyptus the cheapest here in Brazil

- 160x40*2 plywood sheet

- Flat Drill Bit 30mm

- Sand paper

- a saw

I had to print some part to cut with specific angle...

Step 2: 3d Designing

I usually design using Autodesk Fusion 360.

I first designed the feed, adjusted the size and created the piece that was going to sustain the feet. You can add a new plane on the top of the feet and then offset, extrude to easily design this piece.

I added "feet" to the feet with cylinder i was then going to drill in the wood sheet.

I added the Fusion 360 file and an step file to give you some ideas as i keep the historic.

I use my 3d design to mesure everything.

Step 3: Print !

I printed everything on an Ultimaker2 in normal quality. The tripod piece was 6h to print and i didn't have anymore red for the small feet.

Step 4: Cut the Table, Paper Sands the Feet and Assemble.

I knew i would have to paper sand the feet in order to put the tripod piece. But i didn't expect the 2cm*2cm wood i bought was totally randomly cut. I had 2.1, 2.15, 1.9, etc. I spend a lot of time with my sand paper in order to get my 1.95cm so it would fit...

I had to cut the feet with a 74.4 oblique cut so it would be flat on the ground.

The most difficult part was to put the three feet at the good position (i didn't use sand paper on all part so it would fit but stop at some point).

Step 5: Table Ready!

Now i will see if it will be enough steady but it looks like!

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    6 years ago

    That looks very nice! I like how you made the top blue connectors level with the table top and I am also jealous that eucalyptus is the cheapest material where you live :)