Introduction: Kinder-Music-Pi

My attempt was to build a mp3-player for my 2.5 years old daughter. No display, no user manual, just big colorful buttons.


  • Every button plays all songs in one directory (similar to start playing a whole CD)
  • Pushing the same button again, skips to the next song
  • with two (black) buttons turn up/down the audio volume (predefined steps and maximum volume)
  • White button: pause/unpause
  • Auto power off after timeout
  • Welcom sound when rapsberry pi is booted an ready to play kinder music


  • Wooden box from Ikea
  • Raspberry Pi 2
  • USB-Powerbank 4400mAh
  • bunch of colorful push buttons
  • 2 small speakers (from an old pc-speaker set)
  • some resistors for the buttons on the gpio
  • a small audio amplifier
  • one small 3.3 VDC relay
  • some lines of python

After a one minute instruction the little girl vanished with the her first mp3 player. Next step: remote control.

Step 1: Wiring Plan

  • I'm using an "standard" powerbank with a little switch to turn on and long press to turn off the power
  • this little switch is connected in parallel to a relay to be able to power off the system by software
  • all 12 switches are connected with a 1k and 10k Ohm resister for debouncing

Step 2:

Attached you'll find the source code