Kinder Suprise Capsule Launcher

Introduction: Kinder Suprise Capsule Launcher

Some people have many of those little kinder surprise capsules lying around, having no purpose. I know i have a few. Why we kept them? who knows. but here is a little project that doesn't take long to make and has some fun to it.

you will need:
- piece of scrap wood
- 4 elastic bands (#19 rubber bands were used)
- scissors
- Kinder surprise capsule

Step 1: Preparing the Launcher Body

The Launcher is made out of a piece of scrap wood i had lying around. the size of my scrap wood is 10 1/2" by 1 1/2" by 5/16" from there I didn't really measure the slots for the first elastic. The notches are about 7/8" back from one end on both sides. To cut these notches, i simply used a pair of scissors and used one side of the scissors as a knife to notch the wood.

Step 2: Add the First Elastic

Insert the elastic into the notch, now go and double the elastic over in the notch over and over until that the elastic cannot double over any more. If you cannot lift the elastic a little you have gone too tight.

Step 3: Add the Other Elastics

take three more elastics and hook the elastics on the top above the elastic in the notch and feed them under the first elastic already on the piece of wood. if you are having problems, try feeding the elastic up under the elastic and then hook it above the launcher.

Step 4: Preparing the Capsule

this step isn't really essential in the build, if you would like, you can add stuff to the inside to give it weight, if not take some scotch tape and seal the capsule closed

Step 5: Load and Fire!!!

you are done!!

warning: keep away from your eyes as it will hurt really bad. and will cause a black eye

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