Introduction: Kindle Book Style Cover

So, you got your kindle and now want to dress it up as well as protect it. Also, you want to do it yourself else you wont be on this page. Following are the steps for easily making your own kindle cover without much hassle.

Step 1: You Will Need

You will need a lot of things, but you can get them almost everywhere.
1. An old Hardbound book : of the size you want your cover to be. It should be slightly bigger than your kindle and at least 1-1.5 CM thick.  This will form the base of your cover
2. Thin Sponge or foam sheet : Extra padding for you kindle
3. Thick Elastic band : any color, at least a meter long
4. Covering Paper : Preferably sturdy and thin
5.  Thin cardboards : from an old notebook
6. Soft paper/ cloth : to make the inside of your cover 
7. White glue or Fevicol
8. Hot Clue (i used Fevikwick)
9. Stapler and Stapler pins
10 . Lots of tape - clear tape
11. Cutter and Scissors

Step 2: Preparing the Cardboards to Hold Your Kindle

1. Take two cardboard pieces, the thinner the better. I used mine from two old note pads
2. Put your Kindle on top of one of the pieces, and mark the outlines
3. Cut the cardboard where marked
4. Do the same with the other piece so you get two identical pieces.
5. Now, take your thin foam/ sponge sheet. This was a packing material i found.
6. Put your Cardboard on your foam sheet and mark the outlines
7. Cut the Foam sheet where marked so it its exactly the size of your Cardboard.
(This foam sheet is used to provide extra padding for your Kindle. You can use two foam cut outs to stick to your two cardboard pieces but i used only one because i didnt want my cover to become too bulky)
8. Take a thin soft paper or cloth ( I used textured paper shown in pic) and cut  two pieces about 2 inches wider and longer than your cardboard
10. Stick the foam to the Cardboard piece (i attached the foam to only one piece)
12. Cover the Cardboard (+ foam) pieces with the soft paper / cloth and stick it using lots of Glue and tape
(I use both tape and glue coz it makes your product more durable and sturdy and Tape keeps all the paper in place while the glue is drying so you can work much faster and cleaner)

Step 3: Adding Elastic Loops

To hold our kindle in place, we need to attach four elastic loops on the cardboard. 
Its simple to do, just follows the steps
1. Take wide elastic band about 1 meter wide (about 0.5 inch wide,  not too wide, just the right size which u like)
2. Cut four pieces about 2.5 to 3 inches long
3. Place one piece about one inch from the  corner of your freshly prepared cardboard :P at a 45 degree angle
(There is no need to leave a lag on the elastic piece coz the kindle is very thin.)
TIP :Attach the loops at the bottom a little closer to the corner so you dont cover any of the keys

4. Fold the elastic piece to the back of the cardboard and stick it using Hot Glue
5. Then, staple the piece and tape the piece
(Do all three coz this we want piece to be quite sturdy and not come off)
6. Do this with all four corners and four pieces
    (Don't worry about the stapler pins, it will stay hidden by your kindle)

TIP : Slip in your kindle once inside the loops to see if everything fits

Since, we are using four loops, you don't have to worry about your Kindle slipping out

Step 4: Preparing Your Book

Take an old hardboard book thats just about bigger than your kindle and about 1- 1.5 cms thick
1. Use your cutter to remove all pages from the book
2. If the book has a cardboard spine, leave that in
3. Pull the two ends of the book gently so that the book opens up
4. The book should lie flat on a surface
     If it looks untidy now its ok, coz we are going to cover it all up
5. Place your cardboard and kindle inside the cover and see if it closed
6. If not, then pull out the book to open it up more
7. If its ok, then mark the places where you want the cardboards to go.
BIG TIP : Place the cardboards as away from the spine as possible so the book closes easily

Step 5: Elastic Band to Close the Cover

In this step we attach the elastic band to close the cover when required. This step is a tough one so this can be skipped if you want to.

1. The elastic band should be about 1.5 times the length of your cover so cut it that way. Also keep your covering paper ready by cutting it 2 inches wider and longer than the book.
2. On the back of the cover, hot glue elastic band about one inch from the top
3. Staple it if u can so that the elastic holds and provides extra support
4. Now, place your book on the covering paper so that the elastic band is between the cover and the book (see pic if confused)
5. Fold the covering paper over the edge and stick it with tape 
TIP :We use tape here so we can easily remove it so it can be removed in case the below steps go wrong and we can start over
6. On the back of the covering paper, mark a place where you going to slide the elastic out (See Pic)
7. Cut the slit on the covering paper (using a paper cutter)
8. Slide your elastic out of the slit
9. Now, cut another slit  about one inch from the bottom of the covering paper 
10. Slide the elastic back in towards book keeping the orientation  and size of the elastic in mind
11. Stick the elastic back to the back and hot glue back to the cover. (see pic for the direction on the elastic)


After you are happy with the elastic, glue the covering paper to the book
If u are not happy, remove the tape and adjust the covering paper to suit your elastic :)

Step 6: Covering the Book With Covering Paper

With the previous step, one end of the covering paper was already in place. Now just follow the pictures to cover your entire book
Dont keep the covering paper too tight or too lose. 
Too lose and it would lag, too tight and the book won't close.

I will just describe how to cover the spine from inside as its a tricky job

1. Cut a piece of thin paper of the correct size 
To judge the correct size,keep your cardboard pieces prepared earlier and see what part of the spine would be exposed 
2. Put the glue on the book spine (and not the paper), all over the spine and crevices
3. Place the covering paper cut out over the spine and gently press
4. Gently close the book, and press the spine to hold it in place
TIP : Use the blunt edge of the cutter to gently crease the spine while folding the book. This will help closing the cover
  Press the spine with your thumb while closing and opening the book to stick the spine

The spine can never be neat so don't bother too much :) 

Step 7: Attaching the Cardboard Pieces to the Cover

Finally, simply stick the cardboard pieces we prepared earlier onto your book

TIP : Dont stick the cardboard pieces too close too the spine else you will have a difficult time closing the cover

TIP: Attach the cardboard piece which will be holding your Kindle with extra glue specially around the corners

I added an extra elastic loop on the cardboard piece coz i had some extra elastic left over
You can use this to store to an extra micro fiber cloth clean your kindle on the go :)

Slide in your kindle in the loops and you are good to go. The cover is light, easy to hold, neat and funky. and you can easily remove your kindle whenever required.

Decorate your cover more and make it unique.

I tried to use the most common of things to make this cover, so everyone can try it.

Comments and questions please :)