Introduction: Kindle Stand & Holder

Follow these steps to create a 3D kindle holder with a cardboard base!

Step 1: Gather Your Materials

For this project you will need a variety of materials for each component.

1. Kindle holder:

  • a kindle
  • computer to access Tinkercad online software
  • 3D printer
  • a caliper

2. Kindle Base:

  • tri-wall cardboard
  • a jigsaw
  • scissors
  • ruler
  • pencil
  • gummy tape
  • a cup of water
  • primer
  • paint
  • paintbrush
  • polyurethane
  • hot glue

Step 2: Draw It Out

Before you start creating your project, draw out your design on lined paper so that you can keep track of all the components and know what you need to get a final product.

Components that you should have are:

  • cardboard components
    • base
    • one back piece
    • side piece (x2)
    • slanted trapezoid-shaped piece to attach kindle to (x2)

3D components:

  • kindle holder

Step 3: Measure Your Kindle

You need to measure the width, length, and depth of the kindle with the caliper before creating the 3D holder. The kindle needs to sit on a shelf that is long enough to hold it in and lean against a back that is wide enough to support it, so having an accurate measurement is very important.

Step 4: Create the 3D Kindle Holder

To begin this, you will need to use a computer to access If you don't already have an account, you need to sign up for one (this is free). You then can use the various tools on the Tinkercad software program to design the kindle holder. There needs to be a wide back that measures at least the length and width of the kindle and there also should be a small shelf coming out from the bottom for the kindle to actually sit on. This is when you will need to use the measurements you took using the caliper. The overall width and size will depend on the size of your kindle and how wide you want your cardboard base to be.

We attached our STL file for our kindle holder if you want to download and 3D print ours!

Step 5: Print Out Your 3D Design

When you have completed designed your 3D pieces online, you need to send them to a 3D printer to print out. The 3D printer should be monitored for the first few layers and may take a few hours to print out completely. It might take a few prints to get the sizes just right, so if it's not right the first time, you can tweak your design and print again. When you have your final pieces, the kindle should be able to sit on the holder without falling off.

Step 6: Set Up Base Materials

Before you start making the base for your kindle stand, you need to set up your materials. Cover a table by taping down a sheet of 1 ply cardboard. Get out and plug in a hot glue gun and a jigsaw (if you don't want to use a jigsaw, you can use an exacto knife, but it's harder to get a straight cut). Make sure you have a ruler and a pencil near by.

Step 7: Create Your Cardboard Structure: Base

You will need to cut out a square base piece out of tri-wall cardboard. Use the ruler and pencil to draw out a square base that will be big enough to support your 3D kindle holder. Carefully cut out the piece using a jig saw (you can also use a exact knife, but it is harder to make the edges straight).

Step 8: Create Your Cardboard Structure: Back and Sides

You will need to cut out a rectangular piece out of tri-wall cardboard to be the back of your kindle stand. This piece can be as tall as you want, but it needs to be the same length as your base piece. You will also need to cut two equal size pieces to be each side. These pieces should be the same height as the back piece and should be the same length as the sides of the base piece. Cut the front edge of the two side pieces at the same angle you want your middle support pieces to be (aka the angle you want to put the kindle at) in case the bottom of your kindle holder reaches your side pieces. Use the ruler and pencil to draw out the pieces making sure they are the right size to fit on the base. Carefully cut out the pieces using a jig saw (you can also use a exact knife, but it is harder to make the edges straight).

Step 9: Create Your Cardboard Structure: Middle Kindle Supports

You will need to cut out 2 trapezoid pieces out of tri-wall cardboard. When you're selecting your pieces to cut out, make sure the grain of the cardboard is running up and down to make sure it is stable. Use the ruler and pencil to draw out two equal pieces, making sure they are at a good height and angle to use the kindle at (the kindle holder will be placed around the middle of the two pieces). Carefully cut out the two pieces using a jig saw (you can also use a exact knife, but it is harder to make the edges straight). Glue the two pieces together using white glue. You will need to let these pieces dry for about 20 minutes.

After both the base pieces and the inside support pieces are dried, use hot glue to connect the bottom of the support pieces onto the center of the base.To provide more stability, when the structure is fully dried you can poke a few holes from the bottom of the base into any of the pieces glued onto it. You can then put white glue and a small wooden dowel into each hole to stabilize the structure.

Step 10: Cover the Edges

Use gummy tape to cover any exposed edges or areas where two pieces of cardboard are glued together. To do this you will need gummy tape, a cup of water, and scissors. Cut a piece of gummy tape to fit the size of the edge you want to cover. Apply a little bit of water to the sticky side of the gummy tape and attach it to the edge. On areas where there is a double layer of cardboard, you should use two pieces of gummy tape that overlap. You want to make sure the entire structure is sealed, so you can use the scissors to cut the corners and overlap them.

Step 11: Paint the Cardboard Structure

To paint your structure, you need primer, paint, polyurethane, and paint brushes. First, paint a layer of primer, than 2 layers of paint, and a layer of polyurethane. If you want to decorate your structures you can print out a few pictures and glue them on after the second layer of paint and then paint the polyurethane on top of them. You will need between 30 minutes to an hour between each layer to let it dry, so you may need to plan ahead.

Step 12: Assemble the Structure

After the layer of polyurethane is completely dry, you can attach the 3D kindle holder to the cardboard structure. To do this, apply hot glue on the middle of the inside, double-layer of cardboard supports and carefully attach the kindle holder to that area. Make sure that the kindle holder is straight and centered so that the kindle won't slide off when using it. You will need to hold the 3D piece firmly on the cardboard for a few minutes until the glue dries.

This completes the kindle holder and stand !