Introduction: Kindle Eink Reader Hard Case Cover

I bought a Kindle Paperwhite recently and was looking for a good hard case cover for it. I found few instructables where they were using elastic bands on the edges of the reader to hold it. I did not like that idea, so went with creating the one below.

Step 1: Materials Required

MDF/Acrylic or Plywood sheets of 2mm thickness (you can use any of them)
Synthetic Adhesive
Rexin / Faux leather (approx 2'x2')
Elastic (preferably round cross section)
Foam sheet (2'x1') !5mm thick or anything lying around would do

You will need access to Sewing machine
Sticker Cutting machine/ Laser cutting machine required for making the logo (optional)

Step 2: Prototype

I prefer making a prototype before starting with the actual one. This is the one I made with cartons just to test whether I would like the idea of having this kind of case would be annoying to use (while reading a book while on the bed/ holding it with one hand or two hands, using the touch screen while holding it with one hand). I

I believe that the cover is very useful especially when you are reading lying on the bed. You can use the cover as a support to make it stand on your tummy on its own :) or on the bed lying sideways so that you can read it without holding it!

This is a very important step as it reduces the chances of making major mistakes when we build the case using actual materials.

In the prototype I realized that I hate the frame which is holding the kindle in its place. I wanted something which merges with the reader smoothly. The case felt very rigid while holding it and I wanted something smoother and softer as I would be mostly holding it for long durations.

Step 3: Making

Cut two pieces of MDF/Plywood measuring +5mm of the Kindle on both height and width (~5'x7')
Cut two foam sheets of the same dimensions mentioned above and stick it to the MDF board
Take the rexin/faux leather seat and stitch the ends creating a hole on the edges so that we can insert the elastic thread through it later.
As we can't have a collar on the inside edge of the reader, we have to paste one of them on the MDF sheet.
Cover the rexin on the outside first and then on the inside. Paste it using the Synthetic Rubber based Adhesive.
Insert the elastic thread, tighten it and tie it. 
Cut a hole for the USB cord