Introduction: Kindling Bundle Jig

This jig makes bundling sticks easier. Like, a lot easier. I got the idea after seeing the jigs the crazy firewood nerds build, and most assuredly I am not leveled up for that sort of setup. However, I can pull some twee children's book level firewood jigging. :3


Also, my kindling stays manageable.

We made a second one for my mother-in-law who uses it for yard trimming pickup, and she absolutely adores it. It saves her back, skin, and time.

I did look this up before building, and strangely, I don't think anyone's made this or at least published it. Please make one!


One 12"x18" piece of 1/2" plywood
Six 5.5"x12" pieces of 1/2" plywood
Two 1"x2" pieces cut to 18"
Four 2" wood screws
Twelve 1" wood screws
Wood glue

Step 1: Attach 1x2s to Bottom Board

Apply glue and screw the 1" side of the 1x2s to the 12"x18" plywood using the 2" screws.

Step 2: Attach the Remaining Plywood to the 1x2s.

Align the end pieces, glue, and screw using the 1" screws. Center, glue, and screw the middle pieces.

Step 3: Ready to Use!

Stick it on a cinder block or two to save your back, and start bundling. We use jute twine for bundling because it's burnable, compostable, and inexpensive which comes with some caveats.

Definitely double up the twine because it likes to snap, and keep the bundles off the ground because it likes to rot. If it does rot, it's very quick to restring as we've already discovered. Don't stress, but also don't get crazy with the volume if fires are your main goal.

We use these in the pizza oven and fireplace, and phew, these bundles (and our firewood hoarding) paid off during the winter storm in February 2021 here in Texas. When you have 12" of snow but your shoe collection is mainly flip-flops, you don't want to hunt for kindling.

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