Introduction: Kindling Log

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I was at first planning to make a decomposing bin out of a larger log; but I had broke my ax on it and hit myself in the knee with the hammer.

So I just decided to make this simple thing.

Hope you enjoy ^^

CAUTION: To prevent fast decay ensure that there are no pine bugs eating away at your log!

Since it's nearing to winter you will want to prepare for the cold with plenty of firewood, propane & kindling!

My family prefers the natural way to heating so that way we don't waste our propane bill all winter.

Step 1: Splitting the Log

You want to split the log into four pieces you could do this with a log grenade;

But I decided to use a maul and a sledge hammer instead so that way I could get my muscles awake since I had just woke up ^^

Once you split it into four pieces simply place it to where the back of the log is facing either left or right & trim the area that was closest to the heart of the log.

Step 2: Keeping It Together

Now before you say anything just completely ignore the wood glue and para cord rope!

I was just experimenting there and it failed;

so I had went to just simple steel wire and staple nails.

I cut three pieces of wire around the length of both my arms each, and wrapped it around the log I twisted it.

I had done that with each of the pieces slowly going either higher or lower.

Once they were twisted I got the staple nails & stapled each split of the log that I had made even with the horizontal wire; I did that all the way around and stapled the loose bits of wire as well.

I got my jigsaw and cut out a round piece of plywood and nailed that into the bottom of my kindling log.

Now all you got to do is get your scrap pieces cut them up and throw them in!

I hope you enjoy your kindling box that's a bit rustic looking as well. ^^

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