Introduction: Kinect and Animation Rig Setup

If you've ever been interested in motion capture animation, or finding new uses for the Kinect, you can make your own motion capture animation rig without the massive expense or complicated process! This will allow your Kinect to communicate with an animation program to capture your movements in front of the Kinect so that they may be replicated in the model of the animation program. Note that this only works with Windows.

Step 1: You Will Need

  • MMD Program
  • Programs for using Kinect with MMD

Step 2: Download the Animation Program

Download the Animation program MMD, you will want the 9.26 version.

Step 3: Download Necessarily Files

This includes OpenNI, NITE, and the Kinect SDK.

Here is the package of these downloads:

Be sure to go and move the file "MoggNuiConfig" that comes in the package into the "Data" folder of MMD

Step 4: Connect the Kinect to Your PC and Test

Once you've connected the adapter from your Kinect to your PC, open up MMD and find the "Motion Capture" tab at the top of the grid. Then click "Kinect" You should see a box in the top right corner with a red figure (your body/movements), and your model should begin to move with you!

If you originally get the error saying you are missing a file when you try to choose "motion capture" then "kinect", download the additional file for MMD with Kinect.