Introduction: King Size Pallet Bed Project

I got this idea from a Facebook page with just a picture and no instructions. So, being creative as most of you who are reading this are, I had a basic idea and then applied a little knowledge and experience.

  • Gather your wood for the base. The base will provide the desired height.
  • The pallets I collected were custom built and were only used one time. Therefore, they were nice and clean.

I wanted a platform for a king size mattress and I wanted it lower than a standard bed frame so my dogs could get up and down easier.

After it was all complete, I was ready for a good night sleep. Lots of room for me, the wife and 3 dogs.

Step 1: Gather Your Lumber

If you don't already have the mattress you are going to use, you can search the internet for basic dimensions of your mattress. The King mattress is roughly 80" x 80".

Once you have all the lumber and pallets you need:

  1. Pallets (4)
  2. Base lumber (enough to square the outside perimeter of the pallets and a center support)

You can begin laying out the base to get a test fit.

I used no nails or screws to assemble this framework.

Step 2: Test Fit and Trim Where Necessary

I laid everything out and trimmed the base to fit the dimensions of the pallets I used.

I walked and bounced a little to make sure there would be no wobble or instability in the whole framework

I also used some spare lumber to check the height of the frame and mattress. In case I needed to raise or lower the base.

The base I used was 4 x 6 lumber, which gave me the option to use either height.

Step 3: Begin Your Layout

I centered on the room so I could make the bed from either side.

I added two blocks in the third photo to support the pallets along the open space.

Step 4: Dress Up the Pallets

I decided to go with peel and stick carpeting to soften the edges.

I also laid an old sheet over the pallets to protect the mattress.

You can use whatever material suits your desire and needs.

I measured from the outside edges and cut the carpet pieces to make sure the mattress would cover over the carpet.

Step 5: Finish the Project

Once the wood has been dressed, make the bed.

Step 6: Final Inspection

Once the project is complete and the bed is made, if your pet has approved your hard work, your work is completed.

Now, the final touches are up to the interior decorator.

Hope you find inspiration and improve on this idea.

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