Introduction: King Size Platform Bed

My King Size Platform bed is made of solid maple and walnut plywood, I also built some under the bed rolling storage drawers to hold shoes and other items. The bed is finished with General Finishes Java stain along with a few coats of General finishes ARM-R-SEAL.

Step 1: Wood Preparations and Sizing.

Once I pick out all my wood from my local hardwood dealer I begin to joint, plain and cut all my wood to the sizes I need. Here is the link for the video

Step 2: Glue-up the Legs for Both the Headboard and Footboard.

In this next step after cutting my legs to size I laminate two of the boards together to form a leg and then repeat 3 more times. Here is the link for the video

Step 3: The Bed Rails.

In the step I cut my bed rails to length and cut my mortises for the bed rail fasteners that will bring the whole bed together. Here are the links to the videos

Step 4: The Footboard.

In this step I complete the construction of the footboard, I used a floating tenon to join my legs and the support together using the beadlock pro kit but you could also use a traditional style mortise and tenon. Here is the link for the video

Step 5: The Headboard.

In this step I begin the construction of the headboard once again using the beadlock pro kit to join everything together.

Video 1

Video 2

Video 3

Step 6: Final Assembly of the Bed and How It All Goes Together.

In this step I put everything together to finally see what it all looks like, the end result was a rock solid bed! I did not include the staining and finish steps in this. Here is a link to the video

Step 7: Under the Bed Storage Drawer (optional)

In this step I built some rolling under the bed storage drawers so that I could store all of our shoes and other items. Here is a link to the video.

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