Introduction: Kings of War Hill Terrain

How to make your own Kings of War Terrain pieces to customize your own unique map and landscape

Step 1: Rough Cut Your Pieces

Use a jigsaw to cut the wood into rough shapes.

Step 2: Glue Together the Shapes to Make the Hill

Use a belt sander to smooth out the edges, and glue them together when you have a more finished shape of the desired hill.

Step 3: Spackle and Dry Brush

Spackling the edges allows for the shapes to be more uniform and hill like, hiding the stacked material underneath it and allowing you to texturize a surface that is then ready for paint. Sawdust and glue were mixed to make the spackle to fill in the edges and left with a non uniform finish. Once dry, the surface was painted black as a base coat, and then dry brushed with grey to give it a weathered look.

Step 4: Adding the Grass

For a final touch we added grass to make the hills look even more realistic. The grass was made my mixing paint and saw dust that was then filtered for very fine particles and was added on top of a thin layer of glue. The result was a thin layer of grass that looked real and stayed on the surface. We chose between two colors and decided for the more subtle green as it seemed more lifelike.