Introduction: Kirby Pinata!

How to make a pinata of nintendo's famous pink balloon, Kirby.

Step 1: Step #1

1. You'll be needing:
A bottle of white gule
A white glue stick
11 sheets of white printer paper
A roll of red and pink streamers,
Masking tape
Black, red, and blue construction paper
A pencil
A black sharpie

Step 2: Step #2

2. Draw the circle base of your Kirby Piñata on a piece of cardboard with a radius of at least 10.4cm. Then just draw his arms and legs to look in proportion which his main body. If you don’t have enough room on your cardboard, you could just tape 2 pieces of cardboard together from the back. You might want to draw in pencil first, and then out line it in sharpie. The part you made in this step will be the front of the piñata.

Step 3: Step #3

3. Then cut out the front base and trace it out on another piece of cardboard. And cut it out, this will be the back of the piñata.

Step 4: Step #4

 4. Draw out Kirby’s face on the front base you made. Then take a sheet of white printer paper and trace out his face in pencil first, then outline it sharpie. You’ll need this later on.

Step 5: Step #5

 5. Cut out 3 long pieces of cardboard with a thin width of 4.5cm.

Step 6: Step #6

6. Take one of the thin strips of cardboard and line it up on the edge of the back base and tape it on from the outside and inside. Bend the cardboard strip around the curves of the back base. Doing this will make the side walls of the piñata. Make a folded flap at the top of the cardboard strip and don’t tape it down, this is where the candy will be placed in (the opening).

Step 7: Step #7

7. Continue doing this until you’ve reached the other side of the folded flap.

Step 8: Step #8

8. By the time you’re done that, it should look like this.

Step 9: Step #9

9. Take the front base and tape it on top the side piece.

Step 10: Step #10

10. Don’t tape the front piece to the folded flap.

Step 11: Step #11

11. When you’re done that it should be able to stand.
(what you see here is what it looks like from the side view).

Step 12: Step #12

12. Place the piñata so its back is facing you, and take a sheet of printer paper and fold it as shown.

Step 13: Step #13

13. Then cut those pieces off. Then glue the main piece on as shown.

Step 14: Step #14

14. Use the folding technique again on the arms until it’s covered all in white.

Step 15: Step #15

15. Then do the exact same to the front. And cover the sides of the piñata using the same paper folding technique. Keep doing this until the whole piñata is covered in paper printer.

Step 16: Step #16

16. Now take the red streamers and do cut as shown to cover Kirby’s foot. Cover the foot in two layers and glue them down using white liquid glue as shown in this picture. Then cut some pink streamers and cover the main body and layer it and glue it as shown. Then Do the same things to Kirby's sides and back.

Step 17: Step #17

17. Cut another piece of the red steamers and cut frills as shown.

Step 18: Step #18

18. Put glue on the top of the frill as shown and place it on the piñata.

Step 19: Step #19

19.  Cut out another frill out like you did in the previous step, layer and glue it on as shown. Continue doing this, until you’ve covered the front, back, and sides with frills.

Step 20: Step #20

20. Then take the traced Kirby face you made earlier and trace it out on construction paper. And cut it out.

Step 21: Step #21

21. When you’re done it should look like this.

Step 22: Step #22

22. Use the white liquid glue and glue in on.
Now you’re done, so you may chose to fill it up with candy and bash it open with some friends. Or just use it for display and keep it forever. (^_^)

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