Kitchen Cabinet Makeover for Less Than $250

Introduction: Kitchen Cabinet Makeover for Less Than $250

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When I first bought my house the kitchen was my least favorite room. I did not like the cheap looking cabinets at all. The refrigerator in the after shot is from my previous house, it started to yellow over the years (it's 10 yrs old) so I used rustoleum appliance paint on that and the stove hood to make them look new again. The stove and dishwasher in the after shots are 8 years old, they just look new. I did have the hardwood floors installed shortly after moving in but I lived with the ugly cabinets for 7 years before I decided to do something about them. This project cost roughly $230 to redo the cabinets. The before photo is how the kitchen looked when I put an offer in to buy the house. You can see more of this kitchen makeover and my other projects at Dio Home Improvements.

Step 1: Steps

I started out adding lumber to the top of my cabinets to raise the height. I used crown molding at the top and very thin molding where the old cabinets met the new lumber. I painted the cabinets out in Sherwin Williams Wool Skein and added new hardware. I also build a refrigerator surround using sheets of MDF and the same molding I used on the cabinets. The door for the refrigerator surround is just a frame I made and a sheet of Union Jack sheet metal that I had left over from a previous project (where I made a diy air return vent cover).

Step 2: Before and After

Here is how the kitchen looked after the wood floors were installed and after I brought in my own appliances. I also added crown molding to the original wood cabinets shortly after moving in. The after is after building the refrigerator surround and adding height to the cabinets and painting them out. See more at DIO Home Improvements

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