Introduction: Kitchen Island/Bar Top

I found this old door in the trash and decided to take it home and make something with it, after a few days of brain storming i decided to build a table. Well as soon as i got the legs on it my wife says to me i wish it was taller we could use it as a kitchen island/ bartop, so off come the legs for a more sturdier and taller contraption. We had two idea's one involved a couple of old wagon wheels as the feet the other was 2 4x4 posts as the feet, we went with the 4x4 posts. Lemme show you how I did it.

Step 1: Materials & Tools

1. old door

2. two 4x4 posts

3. reclaimed pallet slats, 11 depending on the size of your window

4. four 2x6x8

5. eight 1x6, 1x4, 1x8 i mixed and matched but you can make them all one size if you want.

6. 2/12" screws, 1/12" screws

7. trim nails

8. Stain of your choice

9. Clear coat

10. rags or paint brushes for staining

Tools. simple

1. hammer

2. drill

3. Circular saw

4. tape measure

5. pencil

6. Straight edge/ level

Step 2: Prepping the Door

First off i gave the door a light sanding then cleaned it, then flipped it over and wiped off the painted side. I choose to leave the paint on as your never gonna see it.

Step 3: Framing the Sides and Adding Slats

First off i did all straight cuts as the only saw i had was an old craftsman that my wifes father owned needless to say it was about 30 years old and had the same blade on it. That being said I wrapped the table in 2x6 and put a piece on the other side of the glass then laid the slats on top to cover the window, this will be the floor of the display area.

Step 4: Some Staining

From here I stained everything i had put together and brought it in the house because it was freezing out there lol.

Step 5: Legs

Here i proceeded to put on the legs, on one end i have two 4x4 posts 32" long, in the center i have two 2x6 32" long, and on the other end i have a temporary leg as i forgot to buy two 4x4 posts.

Step 6: Storage

Stain everything you are gonna use in this step and the following steps so they can be dry to the touch. In this step i squared out the bottom with 1x6 then went and staggered 1x4 then 1x2 then 1x6 and so on all the way around the storage area, I also left gaps in between but if you want you can set them right on top of each other if you dont like the gaps. After thats done i ripped down some scrap 2x4 and 2x6 to an 1 1/2 them measured down a 1/2" on the front and made a mark all the way around the inside and then i put my ledge in all the way around. After that i laid 1x4 on the ledge as the floor, i left it loose with no nails in case i wanted to change it.

Step 7: Showcase Door

Well in case you havent noticed I broke the glass, I was trying to take it out so i could put new trim around it when it shattered. Hence the door, the door is leftover 1x6 and a pallet slat, i measured the inside of the window and cut 3 pieces of 1x6 then i screwed two pieces of pallet slats to the bottom stained it and put a hinge on it.

Step 8: Epoxy

This step is optional, i used Glaze Coat by Famo Wood, it's a two part epoxy. Just mix the two parts together and pour all over the table, I put some change on the door slats but you can use anything you want as long as the epoxy covers it completly, READ DIRECTIONS VERY CAREFULLY.

Step 9: Fill Er Up

I took this picture before the epoxy as I knew it was going to take a long time for it to dry. Your done just add whatever you want to it and your done.

Step 10: Bonus

I built this table with the scraps i had left over from the kitchen island, no steps just be creative and try to build one of your own.

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