Introduction: Kitchen Safety Gate From Old Ikea Latt Table

I struggle with disruptions to tasks I have to concentrate on. I have 4 children who come in and out of the kitchen constantly when I’m trying to prepare a meal. I was getting really stressed trying to focus on deciding what to make, getting all the ingredients out, preparing and cooking the meal, tripping over children, being surrounded by clutter and having to hear “Mama, Mama, Mama” every 5 seconds. My brain can’t cope with the disruptions.

I‘ve tried asking them to talk to me from outside the door but they’re just not able to wait or follow instructions just yet, and repeating myself was driving me crazy. I just want to get in the kitchen, make them a fairly quick healthy meal, clean up and get out of there!

I tried a baby gate (actually it was one meant for tall dogs) but because it looked like a climbing frame to small eyes it got used as one and eventually fell off and broke.

I was rooting around in the garage for wood I could use to make a kind of stable door when I came across this old table we’d stopped using. It worked perfectly for our needs. Hope it’s useful to others.


Ikea Latt Table

Hinges x 2

Gate catch



Allen Key

Odd lengths of wood (optional)

Step 1: Remove the Top

I had already replaced the top of the table with a piece of wood cut to size at my local DIY store so it was easy for me to dismantle. From what I remember it was fairly easy to remove the original part. You’ll need pliers or a staple remover to make sure there’s no staples sticking out

Step 2: Take the Table Apart

You’ll need an allen key to remove the parts that keep the table together.

Step 3: Screw the Leg Ends to Each Other

How you do this depends on how wide and high you need the gate

Step 4: Screw on the Sides

I used the parts of the table that hold the top to make the top and bottom parts of the gate. Again use your own judgement as to where to place these depending on your requirements

Step 5: Add Hinges

I used 2 wooden battens to secure the gate to the doorframe (Actually they used to be part of an Ikea Kura bed) but it can be screwed directly onto the door frame.

Step 6: Add the Gate Latch

I used a simple gate latch which can be cable tied or locked with a combination padlock if needed. Mostly my children seem to just need the gate there as a reminder now to stay out of the kitchen when I’m cooking, but it’s good to have the option if needed.

Step 7: Add the Front of the Gate

I used the top of the table as the front of the gate. I simply screwed this onto the legs at the front.

Step 8: Optional Extras

I added a little shelf which has been useful and a blackboard (from an old Ikea Mala easel which had been trashed) with a holder for chalks (a very old Ikea Magasin utensil holder) so the kids can draw while they’re chatting to me at the gate.