Introduction: Kitchen Trash & Recycle Cart

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I was looking at this gaping hole in the kitchen that had become a catch-all for random things and the garbage. Family members got used to throwing trash into the can and as a result there was splatter on the walls. I figured it was time to fix this.

List of Materials


Casters or wheels

Two angle brackets or angle bracket kit (2 inch)



Handle that matches your cabinetry


Measuring tape



Drill bits

Wood screws

Paint brush and/or roller

Something to make angle cuts

Circular saw


Angle Clamps (help but not necessary)

Wire basket kit

Trash cans

Step 1: Clean and Measure Your Area

Obviously measurements will be different for everyone but this step is crucial. you will need height x width x length. Go to the baseboard not the wall. Your wheels may not be tall enough to rise the plywood above the base board.

Step 2: Cut the Base of Your Cart and Add Your Wheels

Take your measurements from the first step and figure out how tall you want your trash cart. I made mine about a 1/4 inch from the top. For my base I brought it in a 1/4 inch from the original measurements so it would not be too tight in the space. You want to be able to get it back out.

your wheels =

width of plywood =

height of the cart =

The easiest way to do this is after you get your base cut add your wheels and then put in place and measure from the top of the base to your desired height. That is how tall you will cut the front panel.

Step 3: Add Brackets and Front Panel

Measure the width of the plywood and place your brackets to the base. Once they are in place add the front panel.

Step 4: Add the 2X4 Brace

Make sure your front panel is at a 90 degree angle find your center line. Measure from the front panel to the base. I went far below the rim of the trash cans so it would not push them past the base. I did 45 degree angle cuts with a chop saw. It really only takes one screw in each end.

Step 5: Test It

Place your trash cans on the cart and give it a push. Make sure everything fits and is to your liking. Then sand the rough edges and get ready for paint.

Step 6: Add the Final Touches

After paint you will want to add your handle and wire basket. No more catch-all and no more splatter on the walls.

Step 7: You May Want to Consider

I just thought about this, in some cases your trashcans may slide backward so you may want to add a block of wood at the back of the base of your cart to prevent this.