Introduction: Kite String Winder

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Kites are fun to fly but bringing them back can be tedious, especially for the young ones.  This string winder will speed up the process.  It is both easy to make and to use.  The dimensions shown are for my winder but use materials you have. 

2 pcs. 12" x 2" x 1/2"  wood for side pieces
2 pcs. 10" x 3/4" dowel (or broomstick) for handles
4 pcs. 1" wire nail or brad
2 pcs. scrap wood

3/4" bit
Clamp or vise
Small bit for wire nail pilot holes
Rasp or disc sander
Finish (optional)

Cut the pieces to size.  Round off the rough edges on one end of each handle.  The rounded end will be the outside end and the square end will be the inside end. Round the corners off the two sides and, if you can, put a taper on the inside of each to help the string wrap more easily.  Sandwich the two sides between the two pieces of scrap.  Clamp them or put them in a vise.  There are two reasons for doing this.  This is to prevent the drill from breaking through and giving the holes a rough edge, and to make sure the holes align, left to right sides.  Use the 3/4" bit and drill a hole 4" from each end of the sides, centered.   

Do any final smoothing with the rasp or sandpaper.  You may need to do some sanding on the dowels to get them through the holes.  Assemble the dowels as shown in the photo.  Drill small diameter pilot holes for the wire nails to secure the dowels to the sides.

Apply a wood finish if you want.  Sign and date your project.  Tie on the kite string and wait for the wind to pick up.  To let out string or take it up just crank the handles like you pedal a bike.

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