Introduction: Kiteman Walking Dead Walker

I've been up all night playing with my new lasercutter and now I am a zombie...


Make this Kiteman walking dead walking wind-toy by decorating a Walking Dead walking wind-up toy. Ignore the fact that the character used is a figure of an actress from that show.

It gets wound up and rants and walks off... Nah, I think he really is a jolly old chap.

Hmmm, seems not too stable...the wind-up toy, that is.

Step 1: You'll Never Know What You'll Find...

As I was browsing through the mall to kick off the holiday shopping season, yeah, Christmas starts in July, I found these interesting wind-up toys. They were about $5 each so they would make nice stocking stuffers or could be sacrificed to make something else.

They had the right shape to either make Kiteman or the Instructables Robot or both. I guess it's lucky I picked the first choice to make the Kiteman walking toy.

All you need for this to decorate the toys are:

some fabric tape(bandage tape which is now called paper tape but actually a nonwoven polyester fiber tape)

a tiny bit of green felt to make the bow tie

a tiny bit of glue to attach the bow tie

a tiny bit of black craft sheet foam to make the eyeglasses

a red marker to simulate the blood stains

and scissors to cut your bandages and detail pieces

Step 2: A Little Craftwork...

To decorate the wind-up toy, all we have to do is cut little pieces of tape, felt and craft foam and attach it to the toy.

Cut pieces of bandage tape to form the two sides of the lab coat.

The pieces should just stick on the wind-up toy.

If the material is thin, you might want to double layer the tape.

Fold back the lapels.

You can also cover the arms for sleeves.

Cut two hourglass shaped pieces of green felt for the bowtie.

Wrap a thin strip of green felt around the center of the two layered pieces. Glue to neck area.

I had already put a piece of tape covering the neck area so the glue would stick.

Cut out a pair of glasses from the craft foam.

Cut scale strips of bandages from the tape.

Position the glasses and tape all around the head.

Use a red marker to draw on some blood stains.

Apply more bandages to completely wrap the top of the head for effect.

Wind up Kiteman by discussing something about creationism, perpetual free energy machines or something.

See it go...

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