Introduction: Kitten Brooch

About: I live in Taiwan, English is poor. I have to use Google translate to writing. I have three cats and an old dog. They are my inspiration.

My kitten grows up quickly . I still remember what he looked like when he first came to my house.He was just palm-sized, but now he grows bigger and bigger than a man's arm. I miss those old days when I fed him with a milk bottle. When I reached out ,he would climb to my palm.When I lay on the sofa, he would nest on my shoulder and purr contentedly. I'd like to look back for the lovely image of my pet cat.

Now I want to use my kitten's photo albums to retain my memories,so I make these jewelries.I will give one of them as a gift to the woman who saved the kitten's life.She found my kitten,which hid behind a wheel of a huge garbage truck.Therefore,I want to show my thankfulness with the jewelry.

Step 1: Create an Image

  • Image
    1. Pick one of your favorite photos.
    2. Remove the picture background.I used the Alpha of Apple Software.
    3. Use the XnSketch of App.
    4. Deepen outline then you can highlight the picture theme.

Step 2: You Need...

  • Shrinky Dink plastic
  • A picture printed
  • Anything that can be attached to the paint on plastic.Such as acrylic paint, color pencils and so on.
  • Tape
  • Abrasive paper
  • A pair of scissors
  • Oven
  • Oven mitt
  • Brush
  • Diamond glaze
  • Brooch
  • hole puncher

By the way, I only learned three sketch lessons.

Step 3: Coarse Grinding

  • Image
    1. Shrinky Dink plastic grinds with abrasive paper then paint.Color is easily attached to the plastic.
    2. If you give a matte appearance to the pattern outside the range, it will cause a matte effect.Even after the toasting process, the pattern will become smaller.

    3. I didn't want this matte effect. Therefore,I painted acrylic color at the bottom of the picture.

Step 4: Tracing

Plastic and printed pattern combined with tape.Then paint it.

Step 5: Broil

Step 6: Successful?

It looks very delicate.


Step 7: Error: Do Not Understand the Material Properties

I didn't know the diamond glaze blur picture, especially the aqueous pigment.I had to do it again.

Compare the old and new, you can see the difference.

Step 8: Don't Do This Too

The Shrinky Dink plastic does not direct printing with printer.Unless you're sure it can be used for the printer.

Step 9: Brooch

Step 10: My Friend's Cat

One of my friends likes my product too.So she asked me to paint her cat.

You can see it that has a little transparent look.

Step 11: Gift

Thank you for reading my instructable.

I have some imperfect works want to give you as a gift.

Please leave a message at the bottom. Where you live, and what you want the product.Because of the freight, I would choose person which live in Asia as a priority.I will try to contact with you in private.

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