Introduction: Kitten Cozies (Hamsters, Mice, Guinea Pigs, Ferrets Too!)

This is a Beginner Level Crochet Project!

We love our tiny snuggle-boos, and these cozies make snuggle time safe and warm! The double-thread cotton sack makes it easy for children’s hands to hold even the tiniest wiggly-kitten or mousey without getting scratched by teensy claws. The cozies also creates a safe snuggle time by preventing accidental drops!

Placed inside the habitat, they also make Instagram-worthy homes for our beloved little beasties!


*For the Template:
A Sheet of Paper (bigger than your pet)
Something to Mark with (A Pencil, Pen, Marker, or Crayon will do)
*For The Cozy:
-Size H Crochet Hook (5.00 mm)
-2 Balls Cotton Yarn ,Size 4 (Any colors: Get Creative!)

*Beginner knowledge of crochet: chain stitch, single stitch, and tying off stitches.
The entire project is worked in a simple spiral round so you do not have to complete each row before working up to the next.

Step 1: Making a Size Template for Your Cozy

Every Pet is special and your Cozy should fit your friend perfectly!

Using a paper and something to mark with, trace a little ways around your pet. It’s ok to leave some space. This is just to make sure you get the sack big enough. Keep the paper on hand just as a reference so when you are crocheting you can hold your bag up against the paper and know how close you are.

Step 2: Start Your Chain!

You have 2 balls of yarn so you are going to hold two threads together for the whole project. This is what makes your cozy strong and keeps claws from getting through.

First: Holding 2 threads together make your loop and chain as many times as it takes to get across the bottom of your template. My cat’s dragon toy I used as an example in the photos required a base chain of 10.

Step 3: Turn and Start First Row of Single Stitch

Ok, so you have your base chain.
Next, Turn your chain and Single Stitch (SS) into the first Chain (ch).
SS into Every CH on the first side. This number will EQUAL the number of Chains you have. I made 10 chains so I made 10 Single Stitches on the left side.


Now you should do an equal number of SS into the opposite side of the Ch stitches. Count as you go!

This will mean your first row is double the number of single stitches to that of your base chain. Remember that number!

Step 4: Building Up the Rows of Your Cozy

Continue adding a SS into each SS going around in a circle. Your cozy will start to take shape. Every Couple Rows, place your Cozy over your template to compare. Are you on the right track?

Step 5: Optional: Adding and Merging Stitches to Shape Your Cozy

Maybe your pet is not shaped like a square or rectangle. If so, you might find your cozy shape isn’t matching the template because it isn’t round enough.

To make your cozy bigger (for our babies with bellies)
At the beginning of the row, add 2 SS into the SAME stitch then do 3 (or 5) normal SS and then another 2 SS together. Do the entire row like this.
Refer back to your template again, is it back on track or do you need another upsizing? Remember if it goes up, it stays up until you bring it back down.

Maybe you want to make it like a cave with a narrow opening for mini dwarf hamsters? This is just like above but in reverse. Instead of adding stitches, we merge or drop them.

To drop SS: Start the row with the first 5 SS like normal, skip one. 5 normal, skip one. Keep going till the template matches your cozy.

Step 6: Finishing and Tying Off

When you have enough rows that your cozy is roughly to same size or (slightly larger) than your template, it’s time to finish your project.

Cut both threads about 6 in after your last SS. Pull the rest of this loose threads you just cut through the loop your hook was in. Pull tight to tie off the project and use your hook to weave the ends through a few stitches and try to hide the threads. If you see them poking out still, just snip them off, your project should be safe to make it through the wash!
Be sure to do the same with the bottom thread you started with as well. And.... you’re ready to test the cozy out with your best buddy!
Please post pictures so I can see all the awesome stuff you made!
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