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Introduction: Kitten Vanity Litter Bin

I couldn't take it anymore, whenever I would walk into the bathroom, I would have cat litter on my feet. No matter how often I cleaned the mess up, there would always be more on the floor in just a few hours.

There had to be a better way to contain the arrant litter pieces from covering my bathroom floor. I barely use the vanity in the bathroom for storage so why not make a cat in-house.

It is a very cheap and easy project to do, it could be done within an hour, and I believe it only cost me $10.

Step 1: Materials

  • High Efficiency Odor Control Filter (~$10 at Home Depot)
  • Clear Acrylic (I had scraps around the apartment)
  • Zip-ties
  • Duct tape
  • Scissors/razor blade
  • acrylic knife
  • Current Kitty litter/litter bin
  • oh and of course a bathroom vanity

Step 2: Vanity Work

First, I removed the door, and cleared out the "crap". Then I measured the space that was available to work with.

To leave some room for the drawers, I wanted the side acrylic panel to be about 18.5 inches which would leave plenty of room.

Step 3: Acrylic Cut and Fit

Luckily I had scrap pieces of acrylic laying around the apartment, so I didn't have to go out a buy any. To do the cutting, use a straight edge and acrylic knife. The straight edge will help the acrylic knife maintain its line, you will have to make multiple passes.

Panel Dimensions (will vary depending on your setup):

Side Panel:

18.5 inches by 20 inches

Top panel:

12 inches by 20 inches

*There were 2 main reasons why I used two panels instead of one.

  • The sink was in the way
  • the scrap pieces I had would not work

Step 4: Fit the Filter

Measure the bottom side of the sink and cut the filter to match the bottom of the sink pattern. Then zip-tie the filter to the counter to secure it in place.

Filter dimensions:

8 squares by 19.5 inches

Using the white clips that came with the filter, attach the filter to the black plastic wire frame.

Now, to mount the filter underneath the countertop, I used some zip ties through the holes/slots in the countertop installation, so the filter could be directly above the bitter bin.

Now, just add the litter the bin and enjoy the littler free floor.

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    7 years ago on Introduction

    Very, very nice. You should add a tension rod and cover it with a simple curtain. If you line the curtain with some carbon filter it could cut down on odor too! Two birds + one stone = happy cat and owner :)


    7 years ago on Introduction

    You have very good high resolution pictures!

    And I see in the blowup pictures that you have already discovered that there is still a problem as there is stray cat littler on the floor.

    I hate to endorse a product but there is a new cat litter out from Arm and Hammer that does reduce tracking, the problem is its much more expensive. It's their black box clump and seal one. It also has no dust when you pour it. If they cut the price by half I would use it exclusively.


    7 years ago on Introduction

    I can see the practical value of putting the box in an out of the way place but I don't see how it's going to keep litter from getting on the floor.

    Yes, I agree the boxes take up floor space and are a nuisance. Having a better place to keep them is always a plus. But cats get litter all over by 2 methods. One is the fling technique. They get carried away digging and in their exuberance fling paw fulls of stuff everywhere. I have been amazed at how good some of my felines are at doing this. I have one box with a high baffle around it and they still manage to clear the top. Its like its an Olympic sport to them. The second method is just simply tracking it out. It sticks to their feet the same as yours. So after a vigorous digging hide and seek session they have it stuck to their paws. Static charge can help with that too. So its going to get tracked. I don't see how your new location is going to prevent either distribution method unless you put a modified door on the cabinet. Is that part of the plan?

    Its to bad crunchy floors bother us a lot more than them.

    You could go to an extreme and just put a 6 inch board across the doorway and fill the entire bathroom with litter. Yeah, a sandbox!!

    You ever wonder if we smell as bad to them as they do to us? I could see them running out of the bathroom on 3 paws with the forth covering their nose. "Wow, what have those people been eating?"


    Reply 7 years ago on Introduction

    By the way, don't try putting the box in the bathtub. While it will confine the litter to the tub it will clog up the drain when it gets washed down.