Kitty Litter Cake

Introduction: Kitty Litter Cake

This is so gross, the adults won't touch it! IT is very tasty though and extremely easy to make!
Ingredients: A brand new kitty litter pan and scooper, 2 different cake box mixes ( I use spice cake and yellow cake), A half of package of Oreo cookies, completely crushed and pulverized, large tootsie roll, chocolate pudding cups. Bake the cakes according to package direction. IF they are a little on the dry side, that is okay. It adds to the effect of the granules. Let them cool all the way. Place both cakes in the kitty litter pan and crumble as much as you can, the finer the better. Add the crushed cookies and mix together. Plop the pudding in different areas for a "diarhhea" effect. Microwave the tootsie rolls, about 5 at a time for 9 seconds. This makes them pliable. Shape them into "turds" and piles of "poop". YOu can hang them off the edge too. I make this every year for my Halloween Party!

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8 years ago

Wow. It looks like real poo & kitty litter! Great idea I think I might make it. Or not, it just looks too real to eat! (Probably can't make it anyway. If I don't have a cat I don't have a litter box or scooper)


Reply 8 years ago on Introduction

We have a stuffed fake cat that moves around all the time at our parties..... No need to have a cat of your own. A great thing to say is that you ahave been taking care of a friend's cat for a while and someone keeps moving the litterbox around the house because NO ONE likes to look at it or smell it.... post that on facebook before your party and watch your guests faces when they see it on your kitchen table!!!!! LOL


My mom made this for my sisters birthday a few years ago. they taste awesome and everyone should try this at least once in there life