Introduction: Kiwi Fruit

My skateboard is inspired by kiwi fruit, which is a surprise fruit with progressive taste. I hope that the skateboard I made can provide users with handy and surprising experience.

Tinkercad created this refreshing look.

Step 1: Make a Skateboard Board

To make the board face of skateboard, first of all, my keynote is to build a beautiful curve skateboard, so the work on the board is great.

After a series of difficult operation, give it pure and fresh and elegant color again, a concave and convex surface is finished

Step 2: Making the Bottom of the Skateboard

After the plane design, make the bottom of the skateboard, choose two cuboid blocks of different sizes and make them. The design of the bottom of the skateboard should focus on firmness and stability, and the safety factor should be high.

Step 3: Do the Roller Skating Part

Do roller skating part, select two different lengths, different sizes of cylinder, the two ends of the connection

Step 4: Making the Wheels

Then the bottom is completed, the wheel part is made, and the wheel is going to make it slide

Step 5: Connect the Wheels to the Bottom

After the wheel is embedded in the catheter, make a connection between the bottom part and the skateboard surface

Step 6: Making the Whole Fit

Finally, four wheels to do four decorations, do the final step of the decoration, and then do four connecting columns, the skateboard surface and the bottom of the welding together

Step 7: Final Rendering Diagram

Final skateboard finish diagram

In this sad and lonely season of autumn since ancient times, may this touch of green bring some autumn scenery better than the spring dynasty

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