Introduction: Klismos Bench

I'm studying to be a furniture maker. one of the project was this bench. The command from school was a bended part and the rest didn't matter.

The klismos bench is inspired on the Klismos chair. I wanted to make the original chair but we didn't have much time so I only just the legs. 

Step 1: The Original Klismos Chair

this is the original Klismos chair. i'ts from the old greek and was only just by a women. you see that is complicated.

Step 2: How Did I Make It in a Rush

I made the frame from ash wood and the seat of inner tubes. 
the wood has dried 1 to 2 weeks. in between I made a mold for the legs to milling. I milled the legs with the stationary cutter.
Then I marked the holes on the legs for a traditional pin hole connection. After the holes I could could make the long and short lines and create pens on them.
it's important to make the holes first and then the pens, because you make the pens on the holes not otherwise.
i'm almost done with the frame.
I glued the front and the back already.
I didn't what to see the inner tubes on the sides so i made a shielding bar. the shielding bar was in the form of the legs. I did that with the hand. I just a plan and chisels to make that form. the shielding bar and the legs wear connected with a lose pen.
when that was done I glued everything together. 
I finished it with bee wax, let it dry and than make the inner tubes on it witch a staple gun.

I didn't make photo's and I'm sorry for that.
but I hope you like it and VOTE:)!!! 

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