Introduction: K'nex 3D Pegboard Shelving

This build is a modular pegboard shelving system that can be reconfigured many different ways using K'nex to suit whatever needs shelving. This could be used vertically as a shelving unit. It can be used as display shelf (say for magazines or artwork). Horizontally it could be used as a build surface for K'nex creations.


2 sheets of birch plywood (2'x4', I used 1/2" thick)

Wood screws (2")

Various K'nex pieces



1/4" drill bit

Saw (I used a jigsaw)


Phillips head screwdriver


Step 1: Cut to Size

Measure your 2'x4' sheets of plywood, they may be slightly more than 2'x4'. Cut one of the sheets in half so you have a 1'x4' piece. From the extra 1'x4' piece cut out a piece measuring 1'x2'.

You should have 3 pieces with some scrap leftover.

2'x4' is the back piece

1'x2' is the bottom piece

1'x4' is the middle piece

Step 2: K'nex Jig for Holes

Create a simple K'nex jig as shown in the pictures. The vertical rods on the sides are put against the sides of the plywood sheet to keep the jig snug. You can use a clamp to keep the K'nex jig secure. Use a Phillips head screwdriver and a hammer to mark the locations of the holes to be drilled. My Phillips head screwdriver fit perfectly in the K'nex holes. I used the hammer to tap the screwdriver two to three times so there was a nice mark showing me where to drill.

Step 3: Drilling

I started drilling on the middle piece (1'x4'). Once the first set of holes are drilled move the jig into the last holes you drilled and line up the edge of the jig with the edge of the plywood sheet. Repeat this process until you get to the end of the plywood sheet. I then reconfigured my jig slightly and marked the rest of the holes for drilling.

Tip: I used a smaller drill bit for a pilot hole, all the way through, then drilled halfway through on one side with the 1/4" bit, flipped the sheet over and drilled the other half through. I did this to help prevent the wood from tearing when the bit punches through the other side. It does take a lot longer, but looks much nicer when the holes are clean.

Step 4: Middle Piece

These pictures show the piece marked for drilling and all the holes drilled in the middle piece.

Step 5: Bottom Piece and Back Piece

On the bottom piece and back piece mark where the centerline is (where the pieces will be connected). Use the jig again to mark the holes. Mark seven holes on each side of the centerline. There will be a larger gap between holes in the middle. See the pictures for reference. The last picture shows all three pieces with all the holes drilled.

Step 6: Trim the Middle Piece

Cut off a half inch of the middle piece so the holes line up with the back piece. This ensures there won't be extra material on the top. Make sure the holes will line up in all three dimensions before trimming.

Once all the holes were drilled and pieces trimmed to the right size I sanded down all the pieces to clean up the areas around the holes.

Step 7: Assembly

I recommend marking a line/s where the pieces should line up. I used some clamps and some scrap wood to hold the pieces in place. Be careful when drilling the holes for the screws. The plywood is only 1/2" thick, this doesn't leave much room for error. Test it on the scrap piece if you need to. Use a square to line up the bit and take your time so the screw doesn't punch through the plywood. Unfortunately some of my holes weren't quite straight so I punched through the edge of the plywood. I redrilled and used some wood putty to cover the holes. Take your time to line each piece up. I start by lining the middle piece and bottom piece up and screwing them together, then I lined up the back piece.

Step 8: Final Product

Now that your 3D Modular K'nex Pegboard Shelving Unit (I am not really sure what to call this) is assembled you can customize it. Use K'nex to make shelves, displays, hooks, etc. to meet your shelving needs. I am not quite sure how I'll use this yet, but that doesn't matter because I can change it to meet what I am storing.

Hope you enjoy. I would love to hear suggestions on how you might use this.

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