Knex 60020 Troop Carrier Trailer

Introduction: Knex 60020 Troop Carrier Trailer

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Hello there, This is a copy of the knex troop carriers cargo area that I modified into a trailer. There is also a few modifications I did on the truck that you can do. I give most of the credit to the knex company.

Step 1: The Chassis

Build the chassis and the bed of the trailer like this.

Step 2: The Wheel Well

Build the wheel well like this, it uses a lot of yellow and green connectors.

Step 3: The Gate and the Posts for the Trailer.

This part of the build is pretty easy.

Step 4: The Trailer and Truck Hook Up

Build this like so, it uses 6 pieces and is very simple.

Step 5: The Connectors for the Wheels and the Caging

Grab Four grey connectors and two tan connectors

Step 6: Putting Some Things Together

Attach the wheel well on to the chassis and the truck hook up.

Step 7:

Attach the gate on to the wheel well along with the front posts.

Step 8: Putting the Wheels On

Put a wheel on and a grey connector

Step 9: The Truck Build From Set #60020

Step 10: Putting the Ball Socket On

Step 11: The Roof Modification for the Truck

Step 12: Fill the Empty Space With the Roof

Step 13: Your Done!

I give most of the credit to the knex company for this build. Thanks for building it.

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