Introduction: K’nex AK-47 With Stand (instructions)

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Hey guys. As I promised here is the instructions for my earlier project.

Step 1: Gather the Pieces

Here are the pieces to gather but don’t think that’s it because there is more pieces in the instructables so watch out.

Step 2: Main Part of It

Build the main part.

Step 3: Handles

Build the handles.

Step 4: Stock

Build the stock.

Step 5: Mechanism

Build the mechanism.

Step 6: Finished!!!

You are finished!!!

Step 7: Stand (Optional)

You don’t have to build the stand if you don’t want to.

Step 8: Firing

How to fire.

Pic 1 = Step 1

Pic 2 = Step 2

Step 3 = Pull the trigger.