Introduction: Knex Elite Assault Rifle+ Launchable Grenade

Sup all, this is a modification to a pistoI had made so here's a like to the original:

This is a very powerful rifle, left a stinging sensation when I was shot with it lol.
Only downfall is it takes time to reload.


44 Yellow connectors
35 red connectors
21 White connectors
11 Green connectors
57 Orange connectors
2 Grey end pieces
2 Small blue end pieces
And Small blue spacers

Step 1: Body

Make 2 of each and attach

Step 2: Pins

Add the white rods and blue spacers like so

Step 3: Bullet Rail

Make and add the bullet rail like so

Step 4: Trigger System

Make and add the trigger system like so

Step 5: Butt Insides

Make and add these parts to the butt

Step 6: Close It Up

Add the other half and close it up( I suggest doing it in small sections). Amd make sure to add the 8 rubber bands for the bullets, 5 yellow connectors in from the back of the shaft of the gun.

Step 7: Add the Handle

There's 2 Ways to doing it, picture ,1 has finger grooves, which is what I use, or else make 2 of picture 1. Make the rest of the part and add them to the gun.

Step 8: Add the Trigger Rubber Band

Add the trigger rubber band like so.

Step 9: Bullets

Make these as many times as you want, same with next step.

Step 10: Grenade

Make 2 of these