Introduction: Knex Assault Sniper Rifle K.A.S.R

About: Hey,Im Jonathan and Im 14.I love to build and play airsoft.I play Bari Sax,and I absolutely love doing so.

This took  3 hours for experiments it works and its great.

Step 1: What You Need

what you need

Step 2: Scope

make this its very easy theres a white behind the tire

Step 3: Make the Handle

not so easy make the picture but theres 3 Green connectors in between the handle on both

Step 4: The Body

no the body there is 21 yellow connectors 4 orange connectors 1 white and 1 red

Step 5: The Stock

theres 12 yellows 6 green connectors 4 blue full moon connectors 2 tan and 2 gray for the stock