Introduction: K'nex Ball Machine Ribdul (Pictures)

About: I like to build with K'nex and Lego.

I have finished building my latest K'nex ball machine, Ribdul. Its name is pronounced “RIB-duhl”. It has 2 networks and 14 paths (and a unique white connector floor).

Ribdul's name is part of a word in the language spoken by a fictional culture in the book series I am writing. (This is the same culture whose coins I named my ball machine Rujebime after.) The word means “a random number from x to y inclusive”, where x and y are numbers inserted directly into the word. Because the full word, “od-ribdul-x-id-y-od” is quite a mouthful, I used only part of it as Ribdul's name.

I named my ball machine Ribdul because it embodies randomness. Balls pop in and out of holes in Ribdul's white connector floor seemingly randomly. The path separators at the top of both of Ribdul's networks distribute balls randomly onto paths. And Ribdul contains 4 mazes, elements where a ball takes a random route through an array of obstacles.

I designed 3 of Ribdul's lifts and 19 of its elements. I also used 2 lifts and a few elements designed by Sandroknexmaster, several elements designed by KneXtreme, a few elements designed by Shadowman39, and a reversible transmission designed by www139.

Instructions for the elements

Instructions for the Rollercoaster Push Lift

Instructions for the 8-Ball Drawbridge Lift

Instructions for the Separating Chain Lift

Click here to see the video, which I am unfortunately unable to post on Instructables.