Introduction: K'nex Ball Machine: Rujebime (Pictures)

About: I like to build with K'nex and Lego.

I built a K’nex ball machine that I call Rujebime. Its name is pronounced “ROO-jeh-bime”. It has 1 network and 9 paths. Rujebime is named after a type of gold coin used by a fictional culture that I will feature in a fantasy book series that I will be writing in the future. I chose to name Rujebime after that type of gold coin because I like the sound of the coin's name. I designed 1 of Rujebime's lifts and 11 of its elements. I used 1 of those elements on my previous ball machine Grid Tower II. I also used several elements from Sandroknexmaster, several elements from KneXtreme, and an element and a reversible transmission from www139.

Instructions for the elements

Click here to see the video, which I am unfortunately unable to post on Instructables.