Introduction: Knex Battle Bot (Starter Bot)

This is a Starter Battle Bot for people who are new to Knex Battle Botting. It shows how to make a mainframe and customizable shell. Also the last step shows different weapons for your Battle Bot that Im thinking of posting,should i post them?

Step 1: Part List


Step 2: The Frame

This is the body of the Battle Bot
Follow the picture notes


Step 3: The Shell

The hardest step of this Instructable.
Follow the pictures and notes

Step 4: Almost Finished

Now just connect the shell with the frame and add some protection for the sides

Step 5: Weapons

I'm still making and testing new weapons for Battle Bots, heres one i made its basically a giant chainsaw. I'll be making more weapons soon like a rotating hammer that crushes anything in its way. Should I post my giant chainsaw?