Introduction: Knex Bazooka

About: My real name is Ryan.

This is a new design, it is powered by rubberbands and huge orange motor. It does have a true trigger, for people who only care about the triggers, but the trigger does take down 5 ft from its range. Its range is 25 ft, and it takes approximatly 30 sec. to load with trigger 2.5 sec to load without trigger. There are 3 speicial parts in this gun that some of you may not have.
one: the red track
two: the purple cart that runs on the red track
three: the orange motor that pushes the cart out.
All three can be found in the rippin rocket roller coaster set. Ill be doing this instructible in three parts. the trigger, the cage, and the barrel.Enjoy.

Step 1: The Trigger

This step is optional!
Pic 1:the stopper thingy,build.
pic 2: another pic of pic 1.
pic 3:rod that connects trigger to the cage,build.
pic 4:trigger,build.
pic 5:another pic of pic 4.
pic 6:a third pic.
pic 7:add the rod to the trigger
pic 8:add the stopper to the trigger
pic 9: another pic of pic 8

Step 2: The Cage

not optional
This is the cage that holds it together.
pic 1:front cage,build.
pic 2:another pic.
pic 3:another pic.
pic 4:another piece,build.
pic 5:another pic.
pic 6:another pic.
pic 7:add the two thing you just made.
pic 8:another pic.
pic 9:another pic/im tired of writing the same thing over and over.
pic 10:the bottom,build.
pic 11:another pic.
pic 12:top,build.
pic 13 another pic.
pic 14:another pic.
pic 15:Add the top and bottom together.
pic 16:another pic.
pic 17:Add the first two parts to the second two parts.
pic 18:another pic.
pic 19:another pic.

Step 3: The Barrel

This is the hardest step to do, so just try to follow along.
pic 1: make this middle support thingy.
pic 2: make the end barrel.
pic 3:another pic.
pic 4:another pic.
pic 5:make the middle barrel.
pic 6:another pic.
pic 7:make the front barrel.
pic 8:another pic.
pic 9:another pic.
pic 10:another pic.
pic 11:add middle barrel to the front barrel.
pic 12:another pic.
pic 13:add end barrel to middle barrel.
pic 14:add middle support thingy.
pic 15:another pic.
pic 16:the barrel complete.
pic 17: just another pic.

Step 4: Put It All Together!

In this step we will put it all together.
pic 1:Line them up,trigger and cage.
pic 2:attach here make sure you have it right.
pic 3:another pic.
pic 4:end of barrel attaches here.
pic 5:and here.
pic 6:stopper should come up like this.
pic 7:yellow rods run through the motor.
pic 8: another pic.
pic 9:another pic.
pic 10:another pic.

Step 5: Rubberbands!

just add rubberbands as you follow along.
pic 1:turn it upside down and hook rubberbands like this.
pic 2:another pic.
pic 3:another pic.
pic 4:add roller coaster and hook two rubberbands in the back.
pic 5:this is where they hook on to.
pic 6:on the other side.
now turn on the motor pull the trigger and woolah. your happy:)